About gofrm

The Gofrm.com is a big coders forum. Gofrm platform built by gofrm team in 2006. Firstly gofrm started a google fan forum. Over the years, embossing has become popular on many common topics. And finally it was a forum where experts on coding gathered. Our best moderators are: *Supergazi – Fransa makaram – Istanbul (Avr) cody –  Istanbul (And) ceza –  Istanbul (And) fratious –  Istanbul (And) kisaca-ein-stein – Belcika adivar –  Istanbul (And) yolcu –  Istanbul (And) ideal –  Istanbul (Avr) Quiet-Scream –  Istanbul (And) Paul Sahilleri cinayii –  Istanbul (And) bayramx –  Istanbul (And) mefe –  Istanbul (And) The-Karga –  Istanbul (Avr) rumy –  Istanbul (Avr) go-abla –… Read More

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